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Adam Vandall is a Social Conservative

I know that we have killed 50 million Americans over the last 35 years who wanted nothing more than to be born , this is why I am Pro-Life

I believe that marriage, the raising of children, and living a good Christian life are the basic fundamentals that has made this country strong, this is why I believe we need an amendment to the Iowa Constitution to keep marriage between one man and one woman.

I believe that no matter who you are or where you are born in this country you have every opportunity to become successful and its the choices you make in your life that determine whether you are or not, and not the color of your skin or an X or Y chromosome, this is why I believe that personal responsibility is important to this country's survival

Adam Vandall is a Fiscal Conservative

I believe that a free market system thrives and prospers, as does the people that live in a country with a free market system, when government is involved as little as possible in business affairs yet businesses are over-taxed and over-regulated and government should get out of business and stay out

I believe that all the people are overtaxed, the rich , the middle-class and the poor are all over-taxed and the state legislatures in this country as well as our congressmen and women and senators in Washington D.C. should STOP SPENDING THE TAX-PAYERS MONEY!  We should be paying off our national debt and saving the money we do have, repaying the programs that have been stolen from, maintaining or upgrading our infrastructure and leaving our children and our children's children no debt, and a low, sustainable state budget


Our education system in this state has been on a steady decline over the past 10 years, and throwing money at the problem and our teachers is not the answer.  Standardized testing is a step in the right direction but there also needs to be a hands-on part to the standardized test because not all students can put into words what they know how to do with their hands and vice-versa. 

We also need to give the power back to the parents' and not just in education but across the board.  For starters the parents should have the final say whether a child is held back or allowed to go forth, now I'm not saying the teacher doesn't have any say but ultimately I feel it should be left up to the parent.

We've all heard of the school shootings that are happening across the country the reason this is happening I feel is due to a lack of involvement and disciplinary action by the parents.  There is a DISTINCT difference between child abuse and disciplining a child.  The system in place right now to report child abuse is being abused itself and parents, especially single parents, aren't allowed to use disciplinary actions due to fear of someone calling DHS on them.  Children are growing up today with no consequences for their actions  and we need to turn that around.  Parents should be teaching their children there are consequences to their actions because outside the walls of the home there are.